How do you create a good logo?

create a good logo

To create a good logo one needs to be clear, to quickly connect the dots and with ease to interpret what the audience wants

 You will have to take the time to devote yourself to your creation, to create a good logo. It is very important to remember that the opinion of the person you are doing it for should be satisfied. It’s important to keep your logo simple so it works across multiple media platforms and is effective at any size. From concept to roll-out, there’s much to consider. However, to create a good logo only needs three things: great typography, simple colors, and a strong visual element.

Pick right typography that reflects what is it for

The typography can be elegant, traditional, whimsical, modern. It’s very important to choose typography that to express your business. The selection of typefaces and how they are arranged is as important as the use of color, images or graphics in creating a logo and brand. If you want to strike interest, promote trust and encourage optimism then the right typography is a way to do it. Ask yourself, does your typography achieve an effective level of representation, communication, and visual appeal? If your answer wasn’t a definite yes, it may be time for a rebrand.

Pick colors wisely

For example, financial institutions tend to use blues because blue communicates security and reliability. Brands use blue to promote trust in their products and services. The color of your logo will determine how it is perceived. Color triggers emotions and gives meaning. And when used consistently across your marketing, color improves brand recognition by up to 75%. Pick your colors based on the feelings you want consumers to experience. The most powerful brands stick to a simple color palette of less than three main colors. They also use solid colors rather than gradients.

 Use a simple iconic element

Although 65% of the best brand names are made up words or acronyms, those names create an image in someone’s mind using typography. The same can be done with graphic elements, symbols, and icons. You should not forget that the most important thing for creating a good logo is the designer’s faith in his own abilities. Good luck!

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