The Graphic Image

The Graphic Image Nindika's mind

What is the graphic image in the human mind

The graphic is a line, a stroke which can be depicted in many colors. There are many people who think that the graphic and the image are completely different things. Well, this is not true. The graphic is a picture and the picture is an image.

The graphics themselves are absolutely vast. It is important to mention the main features that are encountered. Graphic images have been found since ancient times in painted caves. Their development in various genres and their application, to this day, is enormous. The graphic goes through many modifications and is executed in many ways. Graphics can be used anywhere and in anything.

The graphic image is not just a photo. It’s a sketch, painting or just other image that provides a detailed representation of something. The representation can be anything. Starting whit an object and and ending with a fictional element of our imagination. Starting with a drawn scratch with a pencil or chalk and ending with modern drawings with a tablet. We can find graphic images everywhere. In magazines, graffiti on the walls, children’s drawings, banners on the Internet and in general everywhere. The graphic can be drawn with a pencil or brush, it can be printed, so do not hesitate, do not be ashamed and do not worry about what others will say about your creations. Creation is infinite once the man’s consciousness is calm and liberated.

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