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Graphic design includes a good knowledge of composition, shape and color

 A sense of aesthetics in graphic design also contribute to making a good product. The combination of colors and clarity of vision, contrast of colors and shadows also contribute to the good perception of the message. All this together leads to the main goal – to create a good graphic or advertising product.

Necessary knowledge

We live in a rapidly evolving world of technology. In addition to the above knowledge, a graphic designer must first know the difference between a vector and a raster image. The most used programs for working with raster and vector graphics are the programs of Adobe – Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. You need to have practical knowledge of different types of fonts. For when it is more appropriate to use serif and when non-serif. You need to be well acquainted with the market, with what you are looking for, with design for mobile applications, with print and web advertising.
Don’t worry if you are still in the beginning of your development. However, practice is an important part of a graphic designer’s path.

Work of the future

One of the biggest advantages of this profession is that you do not have to be static. You can do your work from anywhere in the world, from your morning coffee down in the cafe, to the moment you are on the beach and drinking your drink.
In order for a person to develop his creativity, and this profession requires this, a person must move, not stagnate, be free, as his thought must be.

Learning and development process

The good thing about the whole thing is that the graphic design is vast. The profession of Graphic Designer will constantly develop you. There will always be something new to learn, something new to create and to constantly improve and refine. There are a number of platforms in which you can share your work so that it is accessible and visible to others, to be appreciated, to inspire, and most importantly – to motivate you to develop. You have the opportunity to develop every day, because this is a dynamic area whose trends are constantly changing. and development.

Good luck to all! 🙂

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