Warm colors and their „heat“

Warm colors and their "heat"

Let’s first clarify what are the warm colors

Thanks to one of our senses – sight, we can enjoy the palette that nature has created – colors. Like music, they also convey emotional feelings and I would say cultural associations that people make differently in different parts of the planet Earth where they live. Most of you know that in the division of colors are mainly warm colors and cold colors. Those that are determined for the warm colors are red, orange and yellow. These colors provoke the so-called active emotions and physical arousal.
Warm colors create a feeling of coziness and don‘t provoke passive emotions. The red color is associated with love and enhances attraction, the yellow is associated with happiness because it is associated with the sun, and the orange color, as you know, is a combination of these two colors.

The yellow color

 This is a color that attracts attention and is a source of light. It is in the range to which the eye is the most sensitive in the spectrum. It stimulates the brain and increases brain activity as well as perception. It proves beneficial in achieving concentration, focusing on work and remembering information. This is the color which is the brightest of all.

The red color

Red, as a dominant color, is a signal for alarm as it attracts attention first among all stimuli. Objects in red seem closer than objects in other colors. This color causes psychological feelings of excitement and happiness, raises blood pressure. It’s very energetic  and that’s why it’s suitable for use in sports.

The orange color

This is the color I called „golden mean“, because it is combined by two others. However, the color itself speaks for itself. Orange is both an appetite enhancer and a fun color. It is an optimized color and has a strengthening effect, having a positive effect on people with critical mind. For a person who is engaged in art, who is in the field of design, it is very important to be able to handle colors, to know their symbolism. For me personally, the good combination of colors is both science and art. This is the intersection that is formed on the edge of painting and psychology.

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